Ford Alternative Range: Keeping passengers warm or cool through lights

According tomedia reports, the current problem of electric vehicles is that electric vehicles are by no means the best choice for people who need to drive in extreme temperatures. In fact, as long as the cold or hot weather, the driver in order to turn on the air conditioning after the range of electric vehicles will be affected and may not be significant impact. This is a problem for electric car drivers.

Ford Alternative Range: Keeping passengers warm or cool through lights

Automakers know that heating and turning on air conditioners consumes a lot of electricity, so they’re looking for a very simple way to extend battery life without major engineering modifications, instead trying to make drivers think the car is warming or cooling.

In a study published Monday, Ford noted that blue ambient light reduced cooling system power consumption by 3.3 percent, while red ambient light reduced heating system power consumption by 2.5 percent. Ford simulated a winter environment with a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and a summer environment with a temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

These are small numbers, but everything helps. Another study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the United States suggests that electric vehicles can cut in half their mileage when using the climate system.

In addition to lighting, Ford added solar panels to the prototype to power the heated seats and ambient lighting systems with 12-volt battery power. This provides additional support for the primary battery system, allowing it to focus on its range. In addition, when it is cold outside, the push and pull door inside the car can only open half to keep the warm air inside the car, in the hot weather. In addition, there is additional insulation to keep the temperature constant.

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