Kim Yu-woo, founder of Daewoo Group, South Korea, dies

Beijing time 10 news, according to Yonhap news, South Korea’s Daewoo Group, former president Kim Yu-zhong 9 at 11:50 p.m. died of illness, aged 83. Daewoo World Business Research Association said that Jin Yuzhong in the company of relatives and the world died. It is reported that Jin Yuzhong and the disease struggle for more than a year, in accordance with my will did not carry out life-threatening treatment.

Kim Yu-woo, founder of Daewoo Group, South Korea, dies


Born in 1936, Kim Yu-zhong was highly regarded as an entrepreneur representing South Korea, but after the foreign exchange crisis he became an “immoral operator” who lived a turbulent life. 30-year-old start-up, in 1967 set up a capital of 5 million won, 5 employees of Daewoo Industrial Company.

In 1981, the 45-year-old Became president of Daewoo Group, holding high the banner of “world management”, and continued to grow, before the group disbanded in 1999, Daewoo was the second-largest conglomerate in Korea, he was regarded as the first generation of Entrepreneurs in Korea.

Kim Yu-zhong was awarded the title of “Korea’s Best Operator” for turning a profit on the verge of collapse in a short period of time. In 1984, he won the International Entrepreneur Award (known as the Nobel Prize in Business Science) at the 28th International Chamber of Commerce, becoming the first Asian to receive the award. In 1987, he was named Fortune’s “50 Most Attractive Entrepreneurs of 1986.”

In 1993, Jin Yuzhong put forward the slogan “World Business”, a worldwide acquisition of enterprises to expand, but the impact of the Asian financial crisis because of the short-term debt crisis and overnight bankruptcy.

After the “world business legend” was shattered, Jin Yuzhong, who lives mainly in Vietnam, returned home last year because of his deteriorating condition, received hospital treatment at the Asian University Hospital, which he funded, and spent an extraordinary life after 20 years of dissolution of Daewoo Group.

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