French fries shortage caused by potato failure could soon sweep the U.S.

The wet and cold weather has caused a serious setback for potato growers in the United States and Canada,media BGR reported. Many farmers who expect a good harvest of potatoes may be disappointed. As Bloomberg reports, some potato-producing regions in North America have suffered major setbacks. Now, as companies that use large quantities of potatoes to produce a variety of food products rush to buy to increase their supplies, some warn that people may see a shortage of potato products.

French fries shortage caused by potato failure could soon sweep the U.S.

Of course, the frustration of potato failure is relative. Farmers are still harvesting large quantities of vegetables, but potato production in the U.S. is expected to fall by about 6 percent in 2019, the lowest level since 2010. Potato production fell 18 per cent in some parts of Canada. Idaho, the largest potato producer in the United States, harvested 85 percent of its crops in the first frost yme in October.

In addition, another problem that plagues potato growers is the size of potatoes. Bad weather conditions can lead to smaller potatoes, which is not ideal for the production of French fries and the like.

As CNN reports, the good news is that the price of French fries at fast-food restaurants is likely to change little. Prices at the restaurant itself may rise slightly, but experts believe that a small increase in costs will not pass on to consumers. However, potato prices themselves may rise slightly.

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