Gameloft, the former Ubisoft mobile game factory, closes studios in a row

Gameloft, a former Ubisoft mobile game maker, has been on the decline of the time, with a lack of attention to the domestic market, foreign offices are also closing, according to Gameloft insiders said Gameloft UK offices have faced closure. Today (December 10) there were further reports that Gameloft Manila had closed, while the Brisbane studio in Australia made 15 redundancies.

Gameloft, the former Ubisoft mobile game factory, closes studios in a row

It comes after John-Paul Burke, the former managing director of Gameloft UK, Ireland and Northern Europe, announced in a LinkedIn that Gameloft’s UK office had been hit with seven job cuts, and recently posted that Gameloft’s UK office was facing closure. According to a recent report bymedia, Kotaku Australia, There have been 15 layoffs at Gameloft’s Brisbane studio in Australia.

The collapse of Gameloft’s Manila branch affected seven employees, according to Gameloft’s external media, And issued a statement saying:

“We will continue to provide advertising and distribution to other European offices in the UK market and unfortunately the level of business generated by these two activities over the past 2-3 years no longer justify ingress in the local presence in that market.” We are building business centers and relying on the most dynamic regions to support our partners, ensuring that our business network, the largest mobile game publisher, continues to bring unique support to game developers, mobile operators and brands. “

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