Infiniti 4S store delivers Tesla Model 3 truth to car owners

According tomedia reports, on December 7, local time, an Infiniti dealer in Quebec, Canada, posted on its Facebook page that a special delivery was made at their Infiniti 4S store recently: a Tesla Model 3 delivery ceremony was completed for a loyal Infiniti user!

Infiniti 4S store delivers Tesla Model 3 truth to car owners

It is reported that the owner is a loyal user of Infiniti, he has been considering a change of electric car for a long time, and also want to buy another Infiniti electric car. But under Infiniti’s plan, its first electric car will not go on sale until 2021.

So the 4S store figured out a way to buy a Tesla Model 3 for the owner, who could drive the electric car first. So the Infiniti dealer arranged this special handover ceremony at his 4S store.

However, for this many netizens to talk about, help to buy Tesla is easy, but later let the owner change cars to buy Infiniti is difficult. But, to put it another way, this 4S store starts from the user’s point of view, helping users solve problems and difficulties. It is this warm care also won the trust of the owner of the user, so when buying a car will come to this 4S store again.

Although the owner is unlikely to return to Infiniti in the future, he is sure to come to the 4S store to do business again. Because this is a reliable, trustworthy business. And, buy their things, not only to get the product, but also care and warmth.

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