China becomes the world’s largest increase in forest resources Coverage rate increased to 23%

Everyone should have learned the geography class introduced in China’s resources, China’s large land, but also lack of resources, soil erosion is serious, wasteland, desert area, forest coverage is far less than Japan. What now? China has actually become the largest increase in forest resources in more than 30 years, with coverage rising to 22.9%.

China becomes the world's largest increase in forest resources Coverage rate increased to 23%

Domestic reports said that the National Forest Resources Management Conference today released some data on China’s forest resources, pointing out that China’s forest cover has increased from 12.7 percent in the early 1970s to 22.96 percent in 2018, with 220 million hectares of forest cover and 17.56 billion cubic meters of forest accumulation.

In the forest area and accumulation of two areas, China has been more than 30 consecutive years to maintain “double growth”, the world’s largest increase in forest resources.

In recent years, China has continuously strengthened the management of forest resources, with a total carbon reserve of 8.98 billion tons of forest vegetation, an annual water source of 628.95 billion cubic meters and an annual fixed soil of 8.748 billion tons.

Not only do domestic data support this view, but nasa’s Global Green leaf survey in February also confirms china’s growing forest area. According to the report, between 2000 and 2017, the Earth added about 2 million square miles of green leaf (total plant leaf area), equivalent to an additional Amazon rainforest, with the highest net growth rate being China (17.8%), followed by India (11.1%) and the European Union (7.78%).

The largest net increase in green leaf area is also China, with a total of 1.351 million square kilometers, almost equal to the net growth area of green leaves in Russia, the United States and Canada combined.

Behind these data is China’s decades of adherence to the sand control and greening policy, has implemented the return of farmland to forest, the three northern protective forests, the Yangtze River in the middle and lower reaches of the protection forest and other key projects, only between 2004 and 2017 on the afforestation of more than 82.085 million hectares.

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