Johnson hints at TV licence cancellation BBC: charges to be charged over next eight years

As the general election approaches, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is eager to draw votes for himself. In recent days, the british television licence fee tradition has been questioned by the public, Johnson on the trend of “to” out of the UK’s largest news broadcaster, the BBC “talking”. According to the Financial Times, Mr Johnson said on the 9th that he was seriously studying whether the BBC’s operations should be funded out of the British public’s pocket.

Asked by a worker at a transport company in the north-east of England if he should cancel his TV licence, Mr Johnson replied: “I may not have made a commitment at this stage of the campaign, but I certainly think the BBC should pay for the TV licence, as they promised.” ”

Johnson hints at TV licence cancellation BBC: charges to be charged over next eight years

“Broadcasters have to ask themselves whether it makes sense in the long run that the media raises money by charging the public compared to the way other organizations raise money. Almost everyone now has a TV at home, but it’s a real problem that you have to pay to watch certain TV and radio channels. Johnson continued. However, he admits that he will not cancel all TV licences at once, but he will seriously consider them.

Responding to Mr Johnson’s comments, the BBC hit back: “As we have said before, tv licences are a guarantee that the BBC is widely disseminated, we serve everyone, it is the most popular funding system for the public, and the BBC will continue to use it as a source of funding for the next eight years.”

A Tory official confirmed that the government was considering scrapping the annual TV licence fee of 154.5 pounds (about 1430 yuan) paid by people. According to the Daily Mail, the British government tried to outlaw tv licences in 2015, but was blocked in the House of Lords.

It is understood that the BBC began to levy broadcast licence fees to users in 1946, and since February 1970, broadcasting licences have been gradually upgraded to television licences. Paying the TV licence fee is a UK law, which is illegal if it is not paid. In 2018, the BBC raised 3.7 billion pounds (about 36 billion yuan) through the levy, about three-quarters of its total revenue. (Overseas Network Wei Xuexuan)

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