CML-U also has unreleased model SY17-10610U and mystery equipment in the testing pool

In August, Intel released the Comet Lake-U series processor based on the 14nm?process and included it with the 10nm-plus Ice Lake-U/Y processor into the 10th generation Core processor sequence, but it appears that Intel has not fully released the entire Lake Comet-U series, and recently appeared in the Geekbench database with an unannounced Core i7-10610U.

CML-U also has unreleased model SY17-10610U and mystery equipment in the running pool

According to the data collected by Geekbench, the Core i7-10610U is a four-core configuration with up to 4.9GHz of Turbo, both of which are the same specifications as the lower Core i7-10510U. Perhaps the difference between the two is that the 10610U will have a higher base frequency. There are several model names between the Core i5-10210U and the Core i7-10510U, and Intel may have some unreleased Comet Lake that will gradually appear with some new notebooks later.

It’s also worth noting that the Core i7-10610U came along with a device codenamed Google Hatch, which has previously been rumoured to be the code name for Google’s new Chromebook. According to rumors, the new Chromebook will feature a 3:2-scale display, a backlit keyboard and features that don’t exist on existing Chromebooks. Four Chromebooks using the Comet Lake processor are currently under development, and Google may want to roll out Chrome OS to the high-end notebook market. Recently Intel and Google have moved closer, leaving several processor models for Google. So the novice wants to ask if this hatch can be opened?

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