Redmi K30 Release: SnapDragon 765G Debut 5G Edition Sells for $1999

Smartphone brand Redmi is launching a new launch in Beijing, launching the Redmi K30 series of phones, the RedmiBook 13 notebook and a big wave of smart hardware. The Redmi K30 5G features Qualcomm’s first 5G integrated chip, the SnapDragon765G, and a 120Hz refresh rate screen, the first Sony IMX686 sensor.

Redmi K30 Release: SnapDragon 765G Debut 5G Edition Sells for $1999

Lu Weibing: Redmi K30 5G is the second generation of 5G phones

Lu Weibing calls the phone the “5G Pioneer” and redmi’s first 5G phone. At the press conference, Lu Weibing said the machine is a “second generation of 5G mobile phones”, so what is the second generation of 5G mobile phones? He cited clips from a press conference by Yu Chengdong, president of Huawei’s consumer business, to explain that the integrated 5G and dual-mode 5G scored a restive of the event.

The Redmi K30 5G is powered by a Qualcomm SnapDragon765G processor, a chip that was released recently and uses a 7nm EUV process to support the SA/NSA dual-mode 5G network. According to official accounts, the chip’s CPU performance is 10% better than the previous generation, graphics processing performance is up 40%, and AI capability is doubled.

Redmi’s 5G design is not limited to a single chip, but also includes the design of antennas and a range of technical optimizations. These include 5G Smart Smart Network Tuning, which uses envelope tracking technology to intelligently select a network. The Redmi K30 5G also supports multi-network concurrency technology, enabling 2.4G, 5G WiFi and 5G data networks in three parallelways. For example, if you are at Starbucks, when the network is bad, the phone will automatically look for better network, if there is no suitable WiFi will be through cellular data to ensure the smooth flow of the network.

Redmi K30 Release: SnapDragon 765G Debut 5G Edition Sells for $1999

120Hz stream speed screen

In addition to 5G technology, the Redmi K30 series features a 6.67-inch dual-hole full screen with a 20-megapixel master and 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens with a two-hole double-hole on the front screen. This screen of the K30 series is also specially customized, supporting a 120Hz refresh rate, allowing the screen to display more fluidly, reducing the graphic image of the sliding process Chinese words and so on.

In the game scene, with high frame rate game (60Hz or more), can reduce the high-speed motion scene’s blurred and imperceleek.

Redmi K30 Release: SnapDragon 765G Debut 5G Edition Sells for $1999

Design inspired by China

The design of the back of the machine is inspired by the “Chinese circle” in Chinese architecture, adding a round of circles outside the vertical lens module, which is highly recognizable. Lu Weibing says the AG process on the back and the iPhone 11 are the same as the scrub. The machine is available in four colors, namely, the ezidon illusion, deep-sea microlight, flower-shadow ingestion and time monologue, in which purple and white use AG technology, and the other two are highlight technology.

Redmi K30 Release: SnapDragon 765G Debut 5G Edition Sells for $1999

First Sony IMX686 Sensor

For photo ops, the Redmi K30 series debuts with the Sony IMX686 sensor, which has 64 megapixels and a light-sensitive area of 1/1.7 inches. This main camera can output 64 million ultra-clear photos, the resolution reached 9248 x 6944, printed as a poster is 3.26 meters. Also because of this high-pixel master, the Redmi K30 series is not equipped with a telephoto lens, the remaining three lenses are 8 megapixel ultra-wide-angle lenses, 5 megapixel macro lenses (4G version is 2 megapixel macro) and 2 megapixel depth-field lenses.

Redmi K30 Release: SnapDragon 765G Debut 5G Edition Sells for $1999

Small aperture double-hole screen

These four lenses work together to cover most of the camera scenes. In addition to shooting 2 cm of near objects, the macro lens can also be close to record video, to discover the beauty of life’s details. Ultra-wide-angle lens is more suitable for shooting majestic buildings and multi-person photos, with AI distortion technology can automatically correct facial distortion.

Performance, in order to ensure the 5G network heat dissipation, the Redmi K30 series uses liquid-cooled cooling technology, officially said its internal large-size high-heat-conducting fluid cold copper pipe can quickly take away the core of the phone heat. These copper tubes not only cover the processor, but also take into account the power management chip.

In addition to the 5G version, the K30 has a 4G version, which features a Qualcomm SnapDragon 730G processor, which is different from 5G in terms of lens (the macro lens becomes 2 megapixel).

Redmi K30 Release: SnapDragon 765G Debut 5G Edition Sells for $1999

Key features

The Redmi K30 series has a full-in-built 4,500 mAh battery, standard with 27 watts of wired fast charge, officials say 68 minutes to fill the phone. In other details, the K30 series features full-featured NFC and irrescosised remote control, 3.5 mm headphone holes, and Hi-Res Audio certification to ensure an audio experience.

Redmi K30 Release: SnapDragon 765G Debut 5G Edition Sells for $1999

Detailed selling price

In part, the 5G version of the Redmi K30 6GB-64GB version is priced at 1999 yuan, 6GB plus 128GB is priced at 2299 yuan, 8GB plus 123GB 2599 yuan, 8GB plus 256GB version 2899 yuan.

The 4G version of the 6GB plus 64GB 1599 yuan, the 6GB plus 128GB price of 1699 yuan, 8GB plus 128GB 1899 yuan, 8GB plus 256GB 2199 yuan.

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