ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Promoter Pete Frates Dies at 34

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge that swept the world in 2014? Pete Frates, who is driving the challenge, has died at the age of 34. Fates’ alma mater, Boston College, announced the news. The academy official tweeted: “We deeply mourn the passing of former @BCBirdball captain Pete Frates (2007). It was his heroic battle with THE ALS that inspired the Ice Bucket Challenge. (Now) he died at the age of 34. ”

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Promoter Pete Frates Dies at 34

“BC Birdball” refers to the Boston College Eagles baseball team. Frates, who played baseball for the college, was appointed BC’s director of baseball operations in March 2012, but that month he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) when he was 27. ALS is also known as motor neurone disease or Lugale’s disease. People with the disease eventually lose the ability to walk, talk and even breathe, and there is no effective treatment.

“It is important to note that Pete never complained about his condition,” Boston College said in a statement. Instead, he sees it as an opportunity to give hope to other patients and their families. Throughout his life, he was determined to change the course of an incurable or curable disease. “

The Ice Bucket Challenge refers to the need for participants to pour a bucket of ice water over their heads and then specify the next person to do the same, like a drumbeat. From Bill Gates to George W. Bush Celebrities like W. Bush and Oprah Winfrey bravely accepted the challenge. The challenge is intertwined with raising awareness of the disease, and participants are encouraged to donate, especially when they are named to take on the challenge but choose not to participate.

Professional golfer Chris Kennedy was the first to connect with ALS, challenging his friends to either give up resistance or donate to THE ALS.

But the challenge didn’t really spread like a virus on the web until Frates began to take it. Frates is understood to have taken on the challenge outside Boston’s Fenway Stadium.

In response, the ALS Association paid tribute to Frates’ death on Twitter. “Our hearts are with the Frates family and the Boston community. @PeteFrates3 forever changed the trajectory of ALS and showed the world how to deal with this deadly disease. His efforts to lead the Ice Bucket Challenge have had a significant impact on the search for treatment and cure of ALS. “

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Promoter Pete Frates Dies at 34

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