Chinese Academy of Sciences develops new technology for making cheap diamonds: 1 carat can be cultivated in just 1/6 cost in 1 week

Recently, according to media reports, the Chinese Academy of Sciences “seeded” out o diamond, a week can grow  out  1 carat size. According to experts, the method of cultivating diamonds is like a grain, the need for seeds and nutrients, in which the seeds are natural diamonds, in addition to the need to use methane gas, methane in the role of energy, forming a carbon plasma, plasma like dust, slowly deposited in the air on natural diamonds, bit by bit deposited.

中科院研发制造廉价钻石新技术:成本仅1/6 1星期可培育1克拉

With a deposit rate of 0.007mm/h, a one-carat diamond can be bred in a week in a laboratory environment, and the diamond can be compared to a natural diamond in terms of hardness and purity, but at a price of only 1/6 of the price of a natural diamond.

A carat of diamonds due to different processes and their prices are also different, up and down the difference can be between 2-20 million yuan, according to the low standard to calculate, the Chinese Academy of Sciences training diamond costs may be more than 3300 yuan, 10,000 yuan or less, the price is quite cheap.

In addition to making diamond ornaments, the technology can also be used to make sophisticated instruments for lidar, such as scalpels made from this material, which are sharper and longer lived.

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