FIA to upgrade biggest change in history to FIA’s highest level event

According tomedia reports, the FIA announced at its headquarters in Paris recently that the FORMULA EFE Championship will be officially incorporated into the FIA World Championshipsystem from next season (2020-2021). The move also means that FE will be upgraded from FIA Formula-E Championship to FIA Formula-E World Championship from next season.

FIA to upgrade biggest change in history to FIA's highest level event

The FIA will also see the biggest change in its history, with FE truly becoming the highest-ranking race in the FIA, along with F1 (World Formula One Championship), WEC (World Endurance Championship), WRC (World Rally Championship), WTCC (World Motorhome Championship).

Many fans in China may be unfamiliar with THE FE Formula E race, mainly because the FIA launched its first pure electric race Formula E (Formula E) in 2014, which has only been born in just five years. However, although its birth time is short, but fe’s influence is significant.

In its first FE season, Audi was the first to compete. This year, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz has also announced the future of the competition plans, the German luxury brand to all come together, BBA will also usher in the same positive competitive hard. It can be seen that the world’s major manufacturers on FE even far more attention than its big brother F1.

Moreover, FE racing has very good limits the problem of excessive investment of the team, because according to the race system, the race organizing committee provides all teams with the same chassis and batteries, while the rest includes electric motors, drivesystems, body, electric systems and other components developed and applied by the teams themselves. The move has also eased the pressure on research and development funds for many small and medium-sized teams.

By then, with the start of next year’s FE Formula E. as the FIA’s highest level of racing, its influence will be further expanded, and will attract more manufacturers and teams to join formula one.

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