The Internet celebrates its 50th birthday, half a century of change has taken a turn for the better of the world

The Internet has become an integral and important component of contemporary society, through which we conduct online shopping, pay attention to the latest global developments, through the Street View services to visit the world. The Internet is now almost global, and its prototype can be traced back to a small network of only four nodes at the University of California, Los Angeles, the Stanford Institute, the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Utah, where the first message sent through the network on October 29, 1969 was only two letters: LA.

[图]互联网迎来50岁生日 半个世纪改变已天翻地覆

Photo by THE University of California, Los Angeles

[图]互联网迎来50岁生日 半个世纪改变已天翻地覆

Photo by THE University of California, Los Angeles

From the birth of ARPANET in 1969 to the opening of the “5G New Year” in 2019, the Internet has gone through 50 years of review of the 50 years of the Internet, and its development can be divided into five phases:

Before the 1990s, the Internet was in its early stages of development. During this period, many scholars and experts explored the Internet, such as the 1974 TCP/IP communication protocol created by the father signed by the Fathers of the Internet, Vent Seif and Bob Kahn, the birth of the world’s first domain name in 1985, the birth of the world’s first search engine in 1990, and so on.

In the 1990s, Internet portals emerged. Yahoo! was established in the United States in 1994, followed by four Chinese portals, represented by Sina, Sohu, NetEase and Tencent, around 1998.

At the beginning of the new century, the Internet was no longer limited to the transmission of information, but more social, entertainment and consumer attributes. Twitter, Amazon and other companies in the United States have emerged, and China has seen a rapid rise from early Renren, Happy To BAT (Baidu, Ali and Tencent).

In 2008, the use of smartphones and 3G communications technologies opened the door to the mobile network age, and BAT continued to dominate, TMD (headlines, beauty groups, and drops) rise. Online learning, online registration, online ordering… In the age of mobile Internet, people’s lives are becoming more and more convenient.

Since 2010, with the breakthrough of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 5G and other technologies, the Internet has evolved from a global network model into a brain model combining human intelligence with machine intelligence. Today, almost all Internet giants have introduced “brain” systems, with brain systems such as Google Brain, Baidu Brain, Sentisuper Brain, Ali ET Brain, Tencent Super Brain, DIDI Transport Brain, 360 Safe Brain and Huawei EI Intelligence.

From 1969 to 2019, the Internet has been going on for 50 years, and the Internet has affected you and me for 50 years, changing the world.

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