End of an era: Japan to end i-mode and FOMA services by the end of March 2026

On October 30, according to media reports, NTT DoCoMo announced that NTT DoCoMo expects to officially stop i-mode and FOMA 3G services by the end of March 2026 as the market changes brought about by the popularization of 4G and operators focus resources on 5G.

NTT DoCoMo has stopped opening up users to new FOMA voice and i-mode solutions, and is not expected to accept the new FOMA data scheme by the end of March 2020, although i-mode and FOMA will continue to serve existing customers until the end of March 2026.


i-mode is known as the ancestor of the mobile Internet, a wireless communication technology that allows users to use Internet services from their mobile phones.

The technology was developed by NTT DoCoMo of Japan and is based on packet data transfer technology, which allows users to use their mobile phones to access the Internet, send and receive e-mail and browse some other information.

Once the world’s largest wireless communications service, i-mode was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006, and with the popularity of 3G and smartphones, i-mode’s incompatibility with the general web page has led to a decline in the number of users.


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