SSCC 2020 China Papers reach 23: 3rd in the world after US And Korea

The 2020 ISSCC International Solid State Circuit Conference will be held in San Francisco, USA from February 16 to 20 next year, the paper selection work has long since ended, a total of 23 papers selected, creating a new high in the past year, the world after the United States, South Korea ranked third.

The global integrated circuit industry has several important international conferences every year, there are ISSCC, Hotchips, IEDM, etc. , several major meetings focus different, the end of the IEDM bias process, the mid-year Hotchips bias chip architecture, the beginning of the ISSCC International Solid State Circuit Conference is the annual weather vane, Since 1953, the accumulation of more than 60 years of history has made it the largest, most authoritative and highest level of solid-state circuit international conference, with the reputation of the Olympic Conference of the integrated circuit industry, gold content is the highest.

The number of papers selected by ISSCC can be seen as a country’s strength indicators in integrated circuits, the United States has been the strongest in this regard for more than 60 years, Japan, South Korea in the last two or three decades is also very strong, compared with the Chinese academic and industrial circles in this regard is too far away. Far from it, there were only five papers selected in China in 2013, which were negligible among the more than 200 papers selected by ISSCC each year.

However, the number of domestic papers selected grew rapidly, reaching 14 in 2018, surpassing Japan’s, and in 2019 the number of papers selected by mainland China and Hong Kong and Macao reached 18 (9 on the mainland), second only to the United States and South Korea, ranking third.

Not only is the number increasing, but the technology content is also improving, the 2019 ISSCC paper for the first time in the field of storage of domestic papers selected, SmartSens in Japan and South Korea to hold the CMOS image sensor field has made a breakthrough.

Among ISSCC’s 2020 papers, the total number of papers selected by mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao reached 23, the largest total number ever, second only to the United States and South Korea, of which 15 were from the mainland, 6 in Macau and 2 in Hong Kong.

However, with Europe, America, Japan and South Korea papers mainly from the technology companies, the domestic ISSCC papers or research institutions and universities mainly, including Tsinghua University has 5 selected, electronics major 3, Peking University, Southeast University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University each have 1, There is also a report from Chongqing Line Easy Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

In addition to the expansion of the total number of ISSCC papers in the field of design is also expanding, this 11 institutions covered 9 areas, namely analog design (1), power management (2), wireless communications (3), data converter (5), forward-looking technology (2), rf technology (4), Digital circuits (2), images, MEMS, (1), and machine learning and artificial intelligence (3).

In addition, Intel has 10 papers selected at the ISSCC 2020 conference, pushing Samsung out of the new no.1.

SSCC 2020 China Papers reach 23: 3rd in the world after US And Korea

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