ISS astronauts play baseball in space to celebrate US Baseball World Series

According to foreign media BGR, astronauts heading to the International Space Station have a lot of responsibilities. They spent the day conducting experiments, coordinating research with Earth scientists and maintaining the space station itself. It’s a tough job, but during the break, they like to enjoy the same things we do on Earth.


In an interesting little meeting between NASA, Major League Baseball and Fox Sports, astronauts on the International Space Station took some time out of their busy schedules to play baseball. Of course, due to the lack of gravity and taking into account the narrow limitations of the space station, some changes to the rules of the game must be made, but they can still be identified.

The short video was used as a promotion during the World Series championship game.


For astronaut Andrew Morgan, the “baseball stick” is an impromptu creation, and he seems to be using a big flashlight to hit the ball. He managed to pass the ball to pitcher Jessica Meir, while astronaut Christina Koch played the catcher.

Meir then tweeted a photo of himself commemorating the World Series, showing baseball floating in front of a space station window.


It’s no surprise that NASA crews are cheering on the Houston Astros. For decades, Houston has been an important site for NASA and is now home to the Johnson Space Center and various NASA facilities.

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