Tests found amd’s Zen 2 architecture IPC performance was only 67% of Skylake’s four years ago

AMD this year launched the Ryzen 3000 series processor upgrade 7nm process and Zen2 architecture, performance, power consumption, heating and other aspects of the performance can be circled, very competitive, at the same time, there is a high cost-effective advantage, so very popular in the market, high-end Ryzen 9 even in short supply.

The core reason why the Ryzen 3000 processor is accepted by more people is that AMD’s processor is finally on par with Intel Core in performance or even beyond – not only multi-core performance leadership, AMD in IPC performance is also beyond, the only problem is the frequency is not the same, You can’t reach a 5GHz acceleration frequency like Intel’s 14nm processor.

But the question is, is AMD’s Zen2 processor really surpassing Intel’s in IPC performance? The media compared the same frequency performance in ordinary tests, and the results are true, but in the opinion of professionals and professional tests, evaluating IPC performance is not so simple.

Daniel Lemire, a computer science professor at the University of Quebec (TELUQ), last week compared AMD’s Zen 2 to Intel’s 2015 Skylake IPC performance, the foundation of recent generations of Core processors, and the next upgrade was Ice Sunny Cove microkernel on Lake.

His method of testing IPC performance is not the same as the media, first using GNU GCC8 under Linux to test a self-made file called twitter.json, which is a high-load benchmark that includes branch prediction errors and few cache misses. He records the number of CPU instruction cycles in two stages.

The contrasting processors are AMD’s EPYC Roman Out and Skylake, although IPC performance is not affected by the processor model.

Tests found amd's Zen 2 architecture IPC performance was only 67% of Skylake's four years ago

According to his tests, AMD’s Zen2 architecture was still weaker than Skylake in terms of IPC performance in two stages of testing, with a gap of about 10-15%, which was not a surprise.

Tests found amd's Zen 2 architecture IPC performance was only 67% of Skylake's four years ago

In addition to the above test, he also tested the IPC performance of his favorite bit set decoding, with the result that the difference was mostly, with Zen2’s IPC performance about two-thirds of Skylake’s, or about 67% of IPC performance.

Of course, Daniel Lemire also said that the test was his own result, others’ results may not be the same, but from these tests, Intel still has a strong presence in this regard, AMD Zen2 can not be said to be beyond the Skylake microkernel, Although the latter was launched in 2015.

Details and source code can be found in Daniel Lemire’s original text.

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