Dubai’s first 3D-printed double-storey building completed : 9.5 m high at 640 square meters

The world’s largest 3D-printed building has been completed in Dubai, foreign media reported. Last week, Dubai’s Warsan community officially announced the existence of the two-story building, which is 9.5 meters high and has a total area of 640 square meters, and the concrete walls of the building are printed using a giant 3D printer, proving the feasibility of 3D printing in the building.

迪拜首座3D打印双层建筑落成 高9.5米 面积640平方米

Dubai 3D Printing Building

迪拜首座3D打印双层建筑落成 高9.5米 面积640平方米迪拜首座3D打印双层建筑落成 高9.5米 面积640平方米

The 3D-printed building has reportedly significantly reduced construction costs overall, with only 15 workers needed to build the 3D-printed building in the first place, compared with 30 for traditional projects of the same size. Second, 3D printing is 60% less material waste than traditional construction techniques. 3D printing reduced the cost of building the scale from about $680,660 to $272,264.

The building showcases the amazing results that 3D printing can bring in the construction field, and Dubai is likely to build more and larger 3D-printed buildings in the future.

迪拜首座3D打印双层建筑落成 高9.5米 面积640平方米

3D PrintEd Speedboat

Earlier this month, a team from the University of Maine used 3D printing technology to print out a speedboat that took only half a minute to print. A Russian cosmonaut named Oleg Skripochka used a 3D printer to print out edible man-made meat.

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