Apple’s AirPods Pro releases A copy of Durex’s copywriting

After the airPods Pro was released, many Twitter users took it to the fore. Hair dryers, plants vs. zombies, bathed lotus heads, piggy Peppa and many more are looking like AirPods Pro. On October 29th, Durex took the topic of “AirPods Pro is ruined by “AirPods Pro is ruined”, and a blogger left a message saying nothing to support him, and served Dures’s copy.

苹果AirPods Pro发布了 杜蕾斯又发神文案

Every time Apple launches a new product, Durex’s official tweets send out the copywriting, which is impressive after the iPhone 11 launch and the Apple Card credit card.

Back on the AirPods Pro, Apple’s next-generation wireless headset, which sold for $1999, went on sale on October 30.

It comes with An Apple’s H1 chip, which features extremely low audio processing latency, real-time noise reduction and sound quality, lower power consumption than the previous generation, and voice wake-up Siri.

Officially, the AirPods Pro has active noise reduction and can be adjusted continuously based on the geometry of your ears and the fit of your earbuds to block out outside noise and make you listen more attentively.

And AirPods Pro provides adaptive equalization, automatically adjusting your music to your ear shape for a delicate, consistent listening experience.

What’s more, the AirPods Pro is sweat-resistant and water-resistant, effectively improving call clarity in windy environments by expanding the microphone mesh sound holes.

苹果AirPods Pro发布了 杜蕾斯又发神文案

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