Cook interview with Japanese media: Talk ingly with China, antitrust investigation and other topics

Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed a range of hot topics in an interview on Tuesday, from Apple’s reliance on Chinese labor to ongoing antitrust investigations in the U.S. and Europe, while highlighting frequently repetitive corporate messages,media outlet Apple Insider reported. For example, the importance of user privacy, etc.

Cook interview with Japanese media: Talk ingly with China, antitrust investigation and other topics

During a visit to Japan, Cook said in an interview with the Nikkei Asia Review that Apple is a major driver of U.S. economic growth and that it has created “more than 2 million” jobs in the U.S. Apple said in an August press release that it created about 2.4 million jobs across suppliers, developers and its own companies and Apple Store employees. “The glass of the iPhone was made by Corning, Kentucky,” Cook told the Nikkei Asia Review. Several semiconductors in the iPhone are made in the United States. “There are huge manufacturing opportunities taking place in the United States, not just the assembly of final products. “

The executive continues to defend Apple’s reliance on Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, a point of contention for some U.S. lawmakers, including Donald Trump, who argue that Apple should shift the contract business to U.S. companies.

“The way we make manufacturing is that we look at all countries to see what technologies each country has and then choose the best technology,” Mr Cook said. “

While in Japan, Cook visited Seiko Electronics Co., Ltd., an ink supplier whose products are used in iPhones and other devices. For example, Seiko Advance developed ink and apps to create the iPhone 11 Pro’s high-quality space gray, silver, midnight green and gold hues, as well as for previous Apple devices.

“That’s why we can use that color on the iPhone,” he says. We have worked with them for many years, and we have grown together. Both of us love working together, and we push each other to be more innovative. “

When it comes to smartphone sales, Mr Cook said smartphone sales had slowed over the past few years, partly because the market had not yet peaked.

“I know no one would call him a 12-year-old, ” he said, referring to the 12-year history of the iPhone. Sometimes these steps are tedious, and sometimes they are less. But the key is to always make things better, not just change for the sake of change. “

He added that Apple’s “DNA” had never been so strong in terms of innovation, adding that “its product line has never been so strong”.

On antitrust issues, Cook questioned the U.S. and European Union investigations into Apple’s business, saying the company did not monopolize any one industry category. Mr Cook said Apple was not doing business with technology companies Facebook and Google, which were also the subject of an investigation.

The antitrust investigation into Apple has focused on its App Store app, and some app providers have accused the company of abusing its dominance in the app store. Apple’s tight control of the App Store makes Apple’s own apps compete with other apps in the developer community known as Sherlock.

U.S. regulators are also looking at Amazon, Facebook and Google.

“The monopoly itself is good if it is not abused, ” says Mr Cook. For those companies, the question is, are they abusing it? It’s up to the regulator, not me. “

Cook took the opportunity to reiterate Apple’s privacy policy, referring to Facebook and Google, which are often criticized for using consumer data for profit. “It’s important to recognize that technology itself is not the same as these big technology companies,” he said. You are not our product, we are very clear about this. We do not believe in using your data. “

Cook also spoke about the Apple Watch, saying again that Apple is finally recognizing its contribution to health, and referring to the company’s educational programming initiative. During the trip, the executive met with students at Rikkyo Primary School.

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