Razer announces launch of two-sided mobile gamepad Razer Junglecat

Razer has officially released Razer Junglecat, a handle designed to introduce console-style control to Android smartphones. Razer Junglecat features a dual analog finger lever, bump button, 4-way D-Pad on the left, and 4 additional action buttons on the right to provide accuracy and accuracy for mobile games without sacrificing screen visibility.

The best part is that junglecat can be used in two different modes: mobile and desktop. For mobile games, you can always connect one or two handles to a specially designed gaming phone case. You can also connect the handle to the handle grip and use junglecat as a hand-held handle for other android devices.

For desktop games, you can pair the handle with a compatible Windows PC. If a compatible Android device has video output, Junglecat can also be paired with some TVs and monitors. Junglecat can be charged for more than 100 hours on a single charge and on USB-C. It uses low-energy Bluetooth to provide low latency response, which means users can get the maximum game time.

Users can also personalize their gaming experience using the RAZER Gamepad app, performing things like changing handle sensitivity, remapping buttons and keys, and organizing mobile game libraries. Junglecat, which costs $99.99, has been sold at the Razer store.

Razer宣布推出双面手机游戏手柄Razer Junglecat

Razer宣布推出双面手机游戏手柄Razer Junglecat

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