New features of Google Chrome: PC Copy Phone Paste

Chrome 79 adds a new feature to its desktop and Android browsers, called shared clipboard. Simply put, it is possible to achieve replication on the computer side, mobile phone side paste. With this feature, it’s much easier to pass text, links, and more between your phone and computer, and you no longer have to rely on third-party applications for copying and pasting.

Shared clipboards are available between Android versions of browsers and all desktop versions (Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome). This feature exists in the Stable Chrome browser on android, but for desktop son, it is only available in Chrome Canary and must be enabled manually.

New features of Google Chrome: PC Copy Phone Paste

Here are the steps:

Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Chrome Android APP;

Install the latest version of Chrome Canary;

Sign in to the same Google Account on your PC and Android devices;

Enter chrome in the address bar on Chrome Canary, and press Enter;

Use the search box to find clipboards. Three flags should pop up: “Enable the receiver device to handle the shared clipboard feature” (Enable receiver device to handle the shared clipboard function), “Enable the shared clipboard function signal to be processed” (Enable shared clipboard ssignals to be handled) and “sync clipboard services” (Sync clipboard services);

Use the drop-down box to set all three flags to Enable, and then restart Chrome Canary.

Once you’ve done this, you can select text in your Chrome desktop browser and right-click to send it to your Android device. Similarly, text can be sent to your COMPUTER after it is highlighted on Android.

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