Python receives more than $400,000 from Mozilla and Zuckerberg

The Python Software Foundation recently announced that it had received $407,000 in sponsorship from Mozilla Corporation and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). This amount will be used to support the work of pip (Python package installer) in 2020. “Almost the entire Python software ecosystem relies on pip, a project that will make it easier for everyone to install software, diagnose and fix problems, and maintain infrastructure.” “

The Python Software Foundation has developed a detailed three-phase work plan for this:

The first phase will take place in early 2020 and will include some basic work;

The second phase, called the decomposition work, is scheduled to take place from March to June 2020;

The third phase is scheduled to take place from June to December 2020, with a focus on maintenance and sustainability.

Specific to each amount, there is also a corresponding plan. The Mozilla Open Source Support Award offers a $207,000 program for Python development, as well as initial user experience research and design work, which will last for five months. Python development efforts include addressing unresolved issues and PRs, refactoring logic, collaborating with downstream projects and users, and more. User experience work includes reviewing error reports and posts, interviewing users, running user tests, and so on.

The $200,000 donated by the Chan and Zuckerberg Foundation (CZI) will be used for 12 months of Python development, test infrastructure and project maintenance, as well as four months of user experience research and design work, as well as to support travel expenses for some developers.

Funds from both sources will be used for project management, including planning, testing and communication with stakeholders, as well as the executive work of the Python Software Foundation.

The Python Software Foundation says it is working on a next-generation rewrite of the pip-dependent parser. The project is in huge technical debt, but the refactoring effort is nearing completion and the prototype functionality is now in use. In June, they submitted proposals to Mozilla and CZI, and eventually received both funds. Next, the Working Group will continue to seek financial support for pip, malllinux, PyPI, etc.

Finally, here are two funded foundations:

Python receives more than $400,000 from Mozilla and Zuckerberg

The Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) incentive program is run by Mozilla Corporation and is designed to support open source projects, including software, hardware, and firmware. Bonuses typically range from $5,000 to $150,000.

Python receives more than $400,000 from Mozilla and Zuckerberg

The Chan and Zuckerberg Foundation (CZI) was founded by the Zuckerbergs. The name of this funding to the Python Software Foundation is Essential Open Source Software for Science.

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