Microsoft and NTT announce multi-year partnership focused on digital transformation

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a multi-year alliance with Japan’s telecommunications company, NTT,media reported. This partnership aims to continue the digital transformation of enterprise customers by developing reliable solutions.

Microsoft and NTT announce multi-year partnership focused on digital transformation

NTT has chosen Microsoft’s cloud platform as its preferred approach to modernization. The partnership will see the Redmond giants’ Azure and AI technologies used in conjunction with NTT’s managed services, network security solutions, and more.

Satya NaDELLa, Microsoft’s chief executive, commented on the partnership:

“Our strategic alliance combines NTT’s global infrastructure and service expertise with the power of Azure. Together, we are committed to building new solutions across AI, network security, and hybrid clouds to help enterprise customers around the world accelerate their digital transformation. “

Jun Sawada, NTT President and CEO, also expressed his confidence in the partnership, which helps companies achieve their digital transformation goals.

The following initiatives have been identified as core components of the Alliance:

Forming a global digital structure

Developing digital enterprise solutions

Common innovation in next-generation technology

The global digital structure will be a combination of Microsoft Azure and NTT’s ICT infrastructure, providing a strong environment for global enterprises. In addition, the proposed digital enterprise solution will have cybersecurity threat intelligence, integrated AI social bots for digital partners, and more on them.

Finally, both companies will seek to pool resources to advance next-generation technology in line with their respective sustainability initiatives. This includes concerns about the solutions proposed by NTT, such as digital twin computing and full photon networks.

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