Cook: Apple’s spirit and genes have never been stronger in innovation

Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Japan this week, according tomedia reports, during which he gave an interview to Japanese news site Nikkei. During this time, he talked about topics familiar to people like privacy, manufacturing and health. Mr Cook is reported to have visited Apple supplier Seiko Advance in Tokyo, met with developers in the area, visited a primary school and stopped at several local Apple stores.

Cook: Apple's spirit and genes have never been stronger in innovation

Cook knows that Apple makes products in “all countries” and finds out what skills to choose from. “We picked the best,” Cook said. He said Apple has created more than 2 million jobs in the U.S. and said huge manufacturing is taking place there, “just not the assembly of the final product.” “

Speaking about Apple’s innovation capabilities, Mr Cook said the smartphone market had not yet peaked and there was room for improvement in the future.

“The spirit and genes of the company have never been so strong in terms of innovation. Product lines have never been so powerful. “

Cook went on to say that he believes Apple’s greatest contribution to humanity will be health, which he has said many times before. In particular, he points out that the Apple Watch’s electrocardiogram feature is evidence of Apple’s progress.

In addition, Mr. Cook talks about competition and monopoly, saying Apple has more competitors than any company on the planet. But Apple is now facing an investigation by U.S. and European regulators over its App Store policies, alleging that it has an unfair advantage over third-party app developers.

“Monopolies are not a bad thing in themselves if they are not abused, ” says Mr Cook, while insisting that Apple does not have a monopoly in any field. “The question for these companies is, are they abusing their power?” It’s a decision that regulators are going to blind me, not me. “

Finally, Cook talked about what he often talks about — privacy. He reiterated that customers are not Apple products and that Apple does not agree with illegal transaction data.

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