Netflix is testing a new “Watch Now” feature to make it look more like a regular TV

Netflix now has such a large audience in so many corners of the globe that any improvement in the company’s streaming service could eventually have a big impact, according tomedia BGR. For example, new features allow users to spend less time browsing content in a Netflix app. This just requires these users to get into the viewing immediately and scroll freely without spending time.

In theory, this would significantly increase engagement among enough subscribers and indicate a surge in overall usage. That seems to be Netflix’s idea as it tests a new feature that is being developed around the world. The new feature, called Watch Now Now, is just this – a way to skip browsing and start watching content right away.

Variety first reported the news of the test on Tuesday, and here’s what users of the test will see:

Pressing “Watch Now” will show the following: Netflix may start streaming the next episode of the show currently watching. Or, it might show you other things on your list, or even Netflix algorithms to determine what you might like. Because it appears random, the audience is told why they will see this particular content when the button is pressed.

Netflix has been constantly testing and experimenting with new features. For many, Netflix is already the equivalent of regular television, or even a replacement for it. The Watch Now feature may remind users of some TV shows – especially the surprise of switching from one channel to another when you click a channel, because they don’t necessarily know what to expect every time.

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