Microsoft to launch full-screen Windows 10 update tips in January

According tomedia reports, Windows 7 loyal fans must know that the life of this operating system is not far from the end, Microsoft is also gradually increasing efforts to allow users to upgrade to the new system Windows 10. January 15 means Windows 7 users will get more annoying upgrade tips.


For a significant portion of Microsoft’s long-term customers, Windows 7 is still the best operating system for meeting their needs. It’s powerful, familiar, but lean, and — perhaps most important lying to many people — it doesn’t have as much data collection or telemetry “functions” as Windows 10.

Microsoft to launch full-screen Windows 10 update tips in January

For these and other reasons, Windows 7 remains a very popular operating system for advanced users and privacy advocates who can’t or won’t switch to operating systems like Linux.

Unfortunately, whether or not users are still using and enjoying Windows 7, its death date will soon come. It is reported that Microsoft’s official support will stop on January 14, 2020, which means that Windows 7 users only have about a month. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to stop using the operating system when that day comes, but if you do, it’s much less secure to use the system — at least as Microsoft says.

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