Do you have a ghost phobia? If you’re afraid of ghosts, don’t be ashamed of it.

according to the U.S. Life Science website reported that supernatural phobia scares people’s ghosts feel very real, leading some adults not to be alone, fearing that there is a corner behind them a terrible ghost is watching themselves …

Do you have a ghostly phobia? If you're afraid of ghosts, don't be ashamed of it.


If you’re afraid of ghosts, don’t be ashamed of it, in fact, many people are afraid of ghosts, and this feeling translates into a full-blown phobia that makes it difficult or impossible to live or sleep alone, and the fear of ghosts is far more common than is common, as is common as fear of high sphobia and phobias of certain insects.

Fear of ghosts

Shame and embarrassment may prevent many people from speaking out about their ghostly fear to a doctor’s specialist. Psychiatrists have taken a keen interest in this phenomenon, and in one case a psychiatrist who treated a depression sufferer successfully dispelled his lifelong fear of ghosts, a fear that had previously deterred him from sleeping alone.

Ghost-fearing patients describe a phobia that meets the criteria of phobia, which is a state of mind that describes a serious fear that occurs in a particular situation, such as watching a horror movie alone or encountering a supernatural terrorist incident. In one case, a 46-year-old hotelmaid had been living with her parents, and when her father died, her mother decided to move away, she lost her loved ones and she was afraid to stay at home alone, and she often spent time in nearby nightclubs at night, or wandered the streets, rather than sleeping alone. Whenever she tried to sleep, her father’s funeral was in her head, making her feel frightened and helpless.

In another case, a 54-year-old lawyer was hesitant to end a bad marriage because he was afraid to live alone, he slept in a room with his brother when he was young, and when he left home, he married soon after, because the supernatural fear of being alone made it difficult for him to sleep alone. He said in his autobiography that even if he was alone in the office, he would feel that someone was looking at him in the corner, or that something would suddenly appear in front of him, a feeling of being monitored, also known as “Anwesenheit.”

Being alone, especially at night, can scare patients, a 19-year-old college student sleeps with her parents because she’s afraid ghosts will crawl through her bedroom window, and a 63-year-old widow is so afraid of someone or something to show up in the living room at night that she sometimes wets her bed instead of going to the bathroom. An 11-year-old girl’s self-report says she was afraid to sit on the bed, fearing that her legs would be dangling by the bed with both hands to drag her under the bed, or that a terrible ghost would appear in the darkness.

Supernatural phobia

Like many, the 11-year-old girl is no longer afraid of ghosts after puberty, and on the other hand, most adults respond better to the treatment of antidepressants or benzodiazepines, a common drug used to treat specific phobias.

Regardless of the symptoms of fear in each case, these drugs can alleviate the core of fear – anxiety.

Some patients also receive cognitive behavioral therapy, a conversational treatment that removes specific fears and relieves anxiety both physically and emotionally.

After treatment, there may still be a fear of ghosts, a person who has no claustrophobia at all will still feel uncomfortable when the elevator fails after treatment, and the occasional horror story from a supernatural phobia is healed.

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