Google Fi will soon launch “suspicious spam phone” tagging feature

According tomedia reports, it is believed that no one likes to listen to junk calls, one of the most popular responses is to label suspicious calls with potentially dangerous labels or directly block them. Soon, Google Fi will be the latest mobile phone provider to offer this capability.

Google is expected to release updates over the weekend, after which it will automatically mark suspicious numbers as spamphones, so users can more firmly choose to ignore them.

But there’s also a very obvious drawback to this feature, which is that someone’s phone number may accidentally be marked as a junk phone.

But in any case, google Fi will bring several other new features in addition to the new spam phone warning feature, including the ability to block specific numbers on all Fi-compatible devices, even iPhones, and the availability of extended VPN and WiFi calls for Android phones.

If you want to try this service, Fi’s unlimited plan will offer a service of about $70/month, while the Flexible Plan starts at $20/month, but increases by $10 for every 1G data consumed (6GB is the cap, and more than that will be free).

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