IKEA shortcut button exposure activates different family scenes with one click

Ikea is working on a new shortcut button that activates “scenes” in homes with the company’s smart products, according to a new Federal Communications Commission document. Scenes are often defined as a set of event-driven (leaving home, eating dinner, etc.) commands that are issued to multiple smart home devices at the same time. Swedish website Teknikveckan speculates that IKEA may add different pictogram symbols to the back of the button to better recognize its function.

As described in the included user guide, users can activate a scene linked to them through the Ikea Home smart app at the touch of a button at the touch of a button. If the button battery is used, the IKEA button will last for about two years and will require a $35 IKEA Tradfri gateway to run.

Curiously, the current version of the IKEA Home Intelligence app does not support scenarios. It can only be used with timers to control IKEA’s current smart devices. Timers are useful for performing tasks at specific times, and scenes can be activated anytime, anywhere. For example, a scene called “TV Time” might close the Fyrtur blinds, turn on the Symfonisk speakers, turn on the AC unit and darken the living room lights.

The scenario can be activated by Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant (all supported by IKEA), the IKEA Home smart app, or in the future by pressing a dedicated shortcut next to the sofa. Another button that turns off the light and locks the door may be located next to the bed in place of the smart speaker. Although no price is given, the Tradfri express button could affect the competition for Hue, Amazon and SmartThings as IKEA’s Zigbee-based ecosystem of cheap home intelligence continues to grow.

宜家快捷按钮曝光 可以一键激活不同家庭场景

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