Yahoo Extends Yahoo Group Shutdown Deadline: Give users more time to download data

In late October, Yahoo announced that it would remove all content from Yahoo Group on December 14. Today, however, Yahoo announced an extension of the deadline to allow users more time to download personal data. Based on the latest announcement, Yahoo said Groups users can download and store your personal data by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on January 31, 2020.

Yahoo Extends Yahoo Group Shutdown Deadline: Give users more time to download data

According to Yahoo’s official tweet, users will not be able to view content on the Group after December 14. On October 28th Yahoo had blocked users from uploading new content, with features restricted. After January 31, all profiles, photos, profiles, attachments, connections, group chat histories, emails, voting results, and calendar items on the platform will be deleted.

Technically, Yahoo Groups will continue to exist, but all publicgrouping groups are no longer open or restricted, and only department administrators can join as members. Yahoo cautions that as the site closes, users need to find ways to preserve their group history. If you need to keep history on your site, you can download the data directly from the post or through Yahoo’s Privacy Dashboard.

In fact, it’s not the first time Yahoo has shut down a major Internet platform, shutting down GeoCities in 2009, causing about 7 million people to shut down. Yahoo Group was officially launched in 2001 and is essentially a website that combines mailing lists with online forum platforms. Although not widely used, groups on this site can interact on the Yahoo Group website or via email. It was the closure of the Yahoo Group website, which may have once again hit some users.

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