Once again: Pirate Bay suspect sits on a streaming feature

The Pirate Bay, the Torrent website, has long been notorious for allowing people to download pirated movies and TV shows, according tomedia reports. But now it seems to give users a new option: streaming. Users will now see a green play button next to some title download buttons, which means that users can choose to play using BayStream.

Once again: Pirate Bay suspect sits on a streaming feature

According to information disclosed on torrentFreak’s website, BayStream allows users to play videos in browsers, although it’s unclear who is running BayStream and what they have to do with the Pirate Bay. But it seems that this streaming feature is not yet fully implemented.

Once again: Pirate Bay suspect sits on a streaming feature

In fact, this isn’t the first time the Pirate Bay has tried to enter the streaming world. Back in 2016, the site launched a plug-in called Torrents Time that supports in-browser streaming, but the picture quality is not the best. Pirate Bay also set up its own file-sharing platform, BayFiles, in 2011. In 2014, however, Swedish police raided the server room in the Pirate Bay and BayFiles closed, but last year it appeared to be back online in a new role.

As the number of streaming services continues to grow, access to content becomes more difficult and expensive, raising further concerns about the possible increase in piracy and other illegal alternatives. Piracy is particularly popular in film and television content such as Game of Thrones and Mandallo, which are only open to certain streaming service platforms.

Disney’s latest “Mandallo” is expected to be the most pirated TV series of the year, and may even surpass “Game of Thrones” as the most pirated TV series of all time. According to Muso, the eighth season of “Game of Thrones” aired within 24 hours of piracy more than three times as much as HBO’s official aircasts, most of which came from illegal streaming. If the Pirate Bay adds a streaming option next, it is likely to increase the number.

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