Volkswagen emissions gate re-surge: cumulative losses have exceeded 230 billion

Volkswagen’s emissions gate continues to ferment, following the United States, Germany and other countries, the Canadian government also launched charges. On December 10, the Canadian government accused Volkswagen of illegally importing nearly 128,000 cars into Canada in violation of the country’s environmental regulations, according tomedia reports.

Volkswagen emissions gate re-surge: cumulative losses have exceeded 230 billion

The Canadian Environment and Climate Change Agency (ECCC) said Volkswagen’s imports of vehicles that did not meet the required emissions standards violated the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, and a court hearing is scheduled for December 13 in an Ontario court.

In response to the allegations, a Volkswagen spokesman said it was fully cooperating with the Canadian Environment and Climate Change Commission’s investigation. It is also the second incident following vw’s alleged diesel emissions cheating in Germany on December 3rd.

It comes after nearly 100,000 car owners in the UK filed a class-action lawsuit against Volkswagen Group, demanding that it pay the price for “emissions cheating” and “misleading consumers”.

It is understood that since the “emissiongate incident” broke out, a number of Volkswagen executives have been arrested. Volkswagen Group agreed to pay $25 billion ($176.527 billion) in settlements in the U.S. because of the strength of the U.S. government and related judicial institutions, but in Europe it insists it has not broken any laws. But earlier, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and other European national judicial institutions have been the Volkswagen Group’s “not guilty theory” to refute and impose a fine.

So far, the economic cost of the Volkswagen Group for emissions has reached 30 billion euros (about 234.184 billion yuan). Despite VW’s heavy price for the fraud, the emissions gate is far from over.

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