Netflix’s “Irish” first-time ratings: More than 26 million viewers in first week

Netflix has finally released the number of viewers for the crime epic “The Irishman,” directed by director Martin Scorsese, according tomedia. According to the company, the film had 26,404,081 accounts for the first seven days of its release on Netflix, about the same amount of movie goers as last year’s Bird Box.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, said 26.4 million people included those who watched at least 70 percent of the films. That figure refers only to the amount viewed by the Netflix streaming channel, which does not include the number of people who have seen the film during its month-long limited release.

Last week, Nielsen, the ratings firm, released its own estimates, saying 13.2 million viewers had watched The Irish in the first five days. While Nielsen’s data covers a slightly shorter period of time, Netflix has reported more than twice as many viewers as initially estimated.

According to Sarandos, Netflix expects “The Irishman” to gain 40 million views in its first month of release, which is half the 80 million views of last year’s “Blindfolded”, although the two films have started out in a similar way.

Netflix doesn’t usually disclose the exact number of people it watches, making the profile of The Irish, one of the company’s biggest and most prestigious original content this year, particularly striking. Despite lower expectations for the rest of the month, Netflix’s choice to release “The Irishman” appears to indicate that the company is pleased with the performance of the expensive production, which has invested at least $160 million.

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