Intel Ten Core i5-10600 Present: Hyper-Threaded Plus 4.7GHz

According to the latest exposure, Intel’s 10th generation Core desktop product LakeComet-S will be available in April 2020, along with the new Z490 motherboard, the interface changed to the LGA1200, not compatible with nine generations and earlier. Now, there are several records in the 3DMark test database for the ten-generation Core i5-10600, apparently an upgrade version of the i5-9600, with 6 core 12 threads, confirmed by hyperthreaded technology.

Intel Ten Core i5-10600 Present: Hyper-Threaded Plus 4.7GHz

Intel Ten Core i5-10600 Present: Hyper-Threaded Plus 4.7GHz

In the nine-generation Core desktop version, in addition to the top i9, hyperthreading is full-line castration, i7, i5, i3 all do not support, and all indications are that the tenth generation will return all in full.

Previously we have seen the i3-10100 and the unknown models of i5, i9, both support hyperthreading, of which the i5 series is the first time in history to support hyperthreading.

In addition, this i5-10600, the information can be detected is still very limited, you can see the reference frequency of 3.3GHz, the turbo frequency acceleration of up to 4.7GHz, compared to the eight generations i5-8600 3.1-4.3GHz, nine generations i5-9600 3.1-4GHz have been improved, In particular, the baseline frequency has finally come up.

Process process, thermal design power consumption is unknown, but must be 14nm, is expected to continue to maintain 65W, and the third level of caching is also expected to increase to 12MB, or 2MB per core, with the opening of the hyperthread.

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