(Pictured) New release of Chrome Canary: Tab Preview feature goes live

The tab preview feature is currently available in the classic version of Edge and Vivaldi, and Chrome users can now do so by enabling Flag. Chromium team members have now ported the “WebUI tab strip” feature on Chrome OS to Chrome browsers on Windows and Linux platforms, which are available in the latest version of the Canary channel.

(Pictured) New release of Chrome Canary: Tab Preview feature goes live

(Pictured) New release of Chrome Canary: Tab Preview feature goes live

When this feature is enabled, the user is allowed to preview all open tabs without navigating to activate the tab. The feature also allows users to swipe through different tab previews with the mouse, and can even easily rearrange previews. In Chrome Canary Channel Version 81.0.3992.0, users need to enable the following two Flag enables.

WebUI tab strip

WebUI tab strip demo options.

(Pictured) New release of Chrome Canary: Tab Preview feature goes live

Download address

Version Of Windows X64

Latest Version: 81.0.3992.0

File size: 55.93 MB

Updated: 2 hours ago


SHA256: BD4FEA1C1DE8A3BD9FEF363FF461010DD26385C6A278758B9B57F8CEE60D7241





Version of Windows

Latest Version: 81.0.3992.0

File size: 54.89 MB

Updated: 2 hours ago

SHA1:19426 FABB2D27001AF39F65D0D3091FDA3FE309






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