World’s First USB 3.2 SSD: Western Black P50 For Sale

Although the USB 4 specification has been published, based on the Thunder 3 protocol, the maximum speed of up to 40Gbps, but in fact USB 3.2 (official name USB 3.2 Gen 2×2) has not yet become popular, a variety of products have just emerged. In September, West Digital released the world’s first mobile SSD SSD slinus for usb 3.2 interfaces, and now the top-of-the-line black P50 is finally on sale.

World's First USB 3.2 SSD: Western Black Disc P50 For Sale

The Western Black Disc P50 Series uses a ASMedia ASM2364 USB-PCIe bridging chip inside the rugged housing to support the USB 3.2 Type-C interface (not yet the native master) with a theoretical peak transmission rate of up to 20Gbps (2.5GB/s) with the help of a transferred PCIe bus.

Available with optional 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, NVMe support, up to 2GB/s continuous reading speed, mainly for the high-end gamer group.

Currently, the hard drive is available in the U.S., with three capacities of $150, $240 and $400, or about 1,060 yuan, 1690 yuan and 2,820 yuan. Other areas will arrive next month.

Of course, even if money is not to worry, products that can realize the potential of USB 3.2 interface at this stage are rare, with only Asus VI Extreme Encore motherboards, Giga expansion cards, etc., and Intel 495 mobile platform chipsets that will natively support USB 3.2.

World's First USB 3.2 SSD: Western Black Disc P50 For Sale

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