2019 best phone, best cam phone: iPhone won the double crown

Towards the end of the year, it’s time for a variety of awards. Media Arena has named the 2019 best phone, the iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus,  one plus 7 Pro was runner-up. By fine-tuning and refining, Apple has brought a truly great phone- the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, which not only have great battery life, proven design, the most balanced camera and superior performance, making it the two safest options to buy a phone by the end of 2019, the PA said.

Media review 2019 best phone, best photo phone: iPhone won the double crown

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is second in the list, with its sophisticated design, more powerful S Pen, a brilliant display and a first-class camera. While in some ways it hasn’t completely pushed the boundaries, it’s still a recognisable Android flagship.

The highlight of the plus-7 Pro is the 90Hz screen, top performance and competitive price, which is much cheaper than the first two.

In addition, PA also named the best camera phone, the first is still the iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max, which is different from the DoXMark rating.

Media review 2019 best phone, best photo phone: iPhone won the double crown

According to the PA, the iPhone has superior color performance during the day, while the video capability is not far from the right. With the addition of the night mode, its low-light photography also has a huge improvement. And its night mode is automatic, allowing you to take pictures quickly. This is different from Android phones, which require manual opening, shooting and processing a photo for a long time.

At the same time, the iPhone is still the best phone available, with a delicate, stable performance, with better color and a wider dynamic range.

So in PA’s view, the iPhone still has the best-performing camera on the whole.

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