the iPhone 11 is doing so well Apple may have to keep its LCD screen

A report released today by DigiTimes through MacRumors shows that the iPhone 11 is doing well and will encourage Apple to consider continuing its 2020 iPhone series on the same sales line as this year, by retaining an LCD model with a basically identical internal configuration but lower price.

iPhone 11表现如此出色 苹果可能要保留LCD

According to the report, parts orders for the iPhone 11 increased by 15% due to better-than-expected demand. In contrast, orders for the iPhone 11 Pro Max fell by about 5% due to “flat” sales.

This also appears to confirm a previous report by another analyst that suggested Apple would reduce production of the iPhone 11 Pro Max because of weak sales. Clearly, the iPhone 11 is as popular with consumers as last year’s iPhone XR, so Apple, which sees this situation, will have a more appropriate strategy for the 2020 iPhone.

DigiTimes sources speculated that the iPhone 11’s performance would affect Apple’s 2020 iPhone program, leaving the company likely to choose to retain LCD screen models in its flagship lineup rather than use OLED across the board.

Previously, most market forecasts were in favor of Apple’s iPhone to be fully equipped with an OLED screen by 2020.

While OLED panels provide a great visual experience, LCD does offer its advantages, including higher power efficiency and lower costs, which was great in this year’s iPhone 11. However, with rumours of another cheap starter already hot this year, if the iPhone SE 2 does exist, the LCD screen will surely be used on it. The current DigiTimes report is the first time we’ve heard of Apple’s insistence on using LCD on iPhone products for the next year.

Friends, do you want to see the new iPhone series that embraces OLED in September next year, or do you want to continue to have a cheap LCD screen, the iPhone 12?

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