22nm process continues! Intel: Four Generations Pentium G3420 never decided to retire

A Pentium processor that is usually hard to get attention to has recently suddenly become the focus. On November 27th Intel announced the retirement of the 22nm process, the Haswell four-generation Core Family’s Pentium G3420 processor, but ten days later, Intel announced that it would cancel the Pentium G3420 and continue to supply it.

You know, Pentium G3420 was released in the third quarter of 2013, more than six years ago, its specifications or 22nm process, dual-core dual thread, main frequency 3.2GHz, three-stage cache 3MB, nuclear display HD, memory DDR3/L-1600, thermal design power consumption 35W, put in today can be called dinosaur class.

22nm process continues! Intel: Four Generations Pentium G3420 never decided to retire

It’s supposed to be retired long ago, and its products are almost gone, but why did Intel announce its retirement until now and suddenly “regret it”?

Intel finally explained the change to the media, but not as much as we expected.

Intel said the Pentium G3420’s retirement notice was misreleased and intel has no plans to change the Plandeor for the Pentium G3420 and the product will continue to be available.

Strangely enough, however, intel will quickly withdraw or amend the notice of product changes in the past, but this time, the Pentium G3420 decommissioning, cancellation notice is still hanging on the official website, no change, Intel’s explanation seems to be somewhat “unsincere.”

If this repeated is not a mistake, then the only explanation is: Intel 10nm products can not be spread, 14nm products continue to be seriously out of stock, in the short term still unresolved, in the entry-level field continue to rely on an old Pentium support scene, is very helpless and reasonable approach, Pentium G3420 can not go.

Previously, Intel had pushed some chipset processes from 14nm to 22nm, such as the H310C and B365, which were also out of stock.

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