He Xiaopeng’s review of “Li Bin 2019’s worst”: stand by you, whether winning or losing

The share price of “The New Force of Car Building” continues to be depressed, approaching the “$1” de-listing line. Coupled with the recent departure of CFO Xie Dongfu, speculation or related to funding stagnation, problems in the capital chain. Yesterday, the name of “nio, 2019 the most miserable”   caused a heated discussion, out of expectation as another new force on car-making, and belong to the “wealth freedom” after the start-up of Xiaopeng Automobile Chairman He Xiaopeng in the micro-blogging forward and and voice “as a friend and peer, stand by u!” Applause for Li Bin, also power up together! ”

He Xiaopeng wrote that recently and Li Bin chatted quite a lot, really not easy. Whether it is good or bad in the end, Rome is not built in a day, Ali, Tencent and Huawei have also experienced many hardships to this day.

“I told myself that today may be the worst downturn in the industry, but it must also be the starting point of tomorrow’s new journey, ” he said. Go ahead and you’ll see the light of day. Expect you to give explorers more space in the process, not to conclude that a node’s gains and losses, over time, we will all be more powerful in global competition. “


It is worth mentioning that in the recently released “Hurun wealth report”, Xiaopeng Automobile founder He Xiaopeng ranked 8th with 25 billion yuan, the overall list ranked 124th, directly up 230 places. By contrast, Li Bin, the founder of Nio Automobile, ranked 684th on the overall list with 6 billion yuan, down 52% from last year’s “12.5 billion, 276th” high-gloss moment, and plummeted 408 places, a dismal 408th place.

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