Will there be robots to travel for you? Can they help the host take videos and take photo?

On the 28th, 50 small robotic tours with communication functions and cameras were “sightseeing” in Luao City, Aomoli Prefecture, Japan, Japanese media reported. It is reported that users can watch the “sightseeing” process through a dedicated website, at home can also simulate the experience of travel. The robots, known as “RoBoHoN”, are reported to be from 17 prefectures across Japan.

会有机器人替你旅行? 能帮主人拍视频、留纪念照

On the same day, in front of the entrance to the famous scenic spot of Luao City, in front of the three-way river, the staff helped them to pose, taking their “tourist photos” from multiple angles. In addition, the robots also visited the mayor of Theo City, Ichiro Miyagi, and “performed” the dance.

Reported that the robot people “go home”, users can watch the on-board camera shooting video, but also listen to the robot “tell” the feelings of the journey.

According to reports, the event was hosted by Sharp, the company’s employee son yuko Iwaki said, “I hope that users will also want to travel around after hearing the robot say ‘have a good time here’.” “

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