Apple’s use of DMCA to remove security expert tweets has sparked outrage

Apple’s use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has angered many security experts in recent days when it used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to ask Twitter to remove a popular tweet containing an iPhone encryption key,media reported. On December 7, security experts under the name “Siguza” shared an encryption key on Twitter that could handle the encryption of devices in a reverse engineering of the iPhone’s Secure Enclave.

Two days after the tweet was posted, a law firm working with Apple sent a DMCA deletion notice to Twitter asking for the tweet to be deleted. The tweet then deleted the tweet at the request. The tweet resurfaced today, with Siguza saying the DMCA’s claim sat tressit. Media reported that Apple had withdrawn its previous DMCA notification and asked Twitter to reinstate the tweet.

Apple's use of DMCA to remove security expert tweets has sparked outrage

Reddit, a well-known community, has also received several DMCA deletion requests to delete multiple posts shared on r/jailbreak. This is a subsection of the community, where security researchers and hackers discussed ways to jail apple iPhones. It is not clear that the deletion requests were also submitted by Apple, as the source of the removal request could not be confirmed. Still, security researchers have strong questions about Apple, which they say has an intention to stifle jailbreak communities.

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