GM’s Cruise hints at offering ultra-low-cost services aimed at “outperforming cars”

Cruise, GM’s self-driving car company, this week issued a letter attacking motor vehicles that have caused increased pollution and traffic jams,media reported. In a Media post on Wednesday, Cruise President Dan Ammann said it was time to “go beyond the car.”

Ammann, the former president of General Motors, now heads the San Francisco-based self-driving car company. He argues about the drawbacks of a car-centric world – congestion, carbon emissions, underutilization and thousands of deaths each year. The “alternative” proposed by it is superior to the status quo in every respect. “

Ammann wrote: “The status quo of transport ation is already pretty bad, and … Our need to find better solutions is becoming more and more urgent every day. “

What are cruise’s alternatives? Ammann also took some time to build and phase out recent car replacements.

Public transport “requires huge investments that many cities cannot afford”

Micro-transportation solutions such as e-bikes and scooters “can solve only the first/last mile problem of a small population and only in certain communities”

Ride apps such as Uber and Lyft, once hailed as “disruptive events,” are actually “only used to further consolidate the status quo” by subsidizing gasoline-powered cars.

“For the order of the order, not the increment, of transportation to improve, we need to build alternatives that are better than the status quo in every way,” Ammann wrote.

He said Cruise’s mission is as follows:

Increase safety by eliminating drivers, reduce emissions by being all-electric, and make shared rides more attractive and less congested by providing awesome experiences at very low cost.

That sounds good, but the company’s business has been slow in recent months. In July, Cruise announced that it would not meet its goal of launching a large-scale self-driving taxi service in 2019. But while the company won’t launch commercial products this year, it does plan to significantly increase its numbers. For example, self-driving test cars on San Francisco roads. The company’s sensor-equipped, battery-powered Chevrolet Bolt test vehicle is already ubiquitous in the city.

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