New York MTA: Apple Pay Express Express Payment Service Expanded to Penn Station

The New York Metro Transit Authority (MTA) on Wednesday continued its Apple Pay Express Express-compatible One Metro New York system program, expanding its support to the busy 34th Street-Pennsylvania Station (34) St.-Penn Station). The mTA announced at a press conference that the new OMNY availability is part of MTA’s efforts to modernize its payment network.

New York MTA: Apple Pay Express Express Payment Service Expanded to Penn Station

Now, 96 OMNY readers for 18 cross-revolving doors serving Subway Lines A, C, E, and 1, 2, and 3 accept Apple Pay and Apple from American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa Pay and contactless payment solutions. Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Fitbit Pay are also supported.

At OMNY, passengers can access subway stations or MTA-operated buses simply by swiping a compatible contactless card or device such as an iPhone or Apple Watch on an active revolving door. In addition, support for Express Transit means that iPhone and Apple Watch users can trade without unlocking or waking up their devices.

By the end of December, OMNY will have covered 85 metro stations in New York City, all buses on Staten Island, bus operated by the MTA and two Staten Island train stations. The mass roll-out of all metro stations and MTA buses will be completed by the end of 2020.

Apple Pay’s support for Express Transit is understood to have started in May, when the service supported several new York subway stations and buses. Currently, OMNY offers a fixed-fare, pay-per-view option, though it is expected to introduce alternative fare products such as passes by 2020.

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