Study: To save money, some Americans are taking fish antibiotics

The United States is known to be a country with extremely high medical costs,media BGR reported. Some insurance plans help reduce out-of-pocket costs for certain drugs, but people without health insurance find themselves with huge bills, and some ordinary people are doing their best to save money.

Study: To save money, some Americans are taking fish antibiotics

For some, this clearly means using animal-specific drugs instead of prescription drugs for humans. A new study suggests that many people choose to buy some of the drugs they take in online stores that offer cheap antibiotics to pet fish, the Guardian reported.

The study used a relatively simple approach to explore the possibility of people using their own fish antibiotics. The team uses easily accessible public information in the form of product reviews on the site. Many online stores that offer fish antibiotics offer customers the ability to write reviews, some of which reveal the true nature of individual purchases.

The researchers found nine antibiotics on 24 different websites, including penicillin and amoxicillin, the most commonly used antibiotics in humans. Of the 2,228 reviews, only 55 described human use, but nine times as much attention was received through “likes” and “dislikes”. The researchers believe the trend toward replacing prescription drugs with animals is largely based on costs.

Brandon Bookstaver, co-author of the study, explained: “Self-medication and available antibiotics without health care supervision may lead to increased antimicrobial resistance and delayed treatment. We are particularly concerned that a large amount of positive feedback on human use may encourage others to try these drugs. “

Study: To save money, some Americans are taking fish antibiotics

To make matters worse, it seems that at least some retailers selling the antibiotic online are satisfied with the idea that their customers are using it for their own needs rather than for animals. At least one retailer answered a question and assured potential buyers that it was safe for humans to take the drugs, the report said.

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