If food labels can show the amount of exercise you need to burn calories, would you eat less?

To help people fight obesity, researchers are working hard to invent new ways to persuade people to eat healthier foods and exercise more,media reported. A new study led by scientists at Loughborough University focuses on nutrition education and, more specifically, ensuring that consumers understand how many calories they consume when eating packaged foods and how much exercise is needed to consume them.

If food labels can show the amount of exercise you need to burn calories, would you eat less?

Understanding nutritional information about any food is a good thing, but many people find it difficult to calculate calorie intake over a full day, because mixing all these numbers in one person’s mind can be a daunting task. So the researchers tested how consumers responded to exercise demand data, rather than simply listing calories.

The system, called PACE, or “the equivalent of calories in physical activity,” is a way to communicate the amount of exercise a person needs after consuming calories in any given food. So, for example, instead of seeing “250 calories” on the nutrition label, you’ll need to estimate how long it will take to burn off, in which case it can take up to 60 minutes. =

In the past, scientists have conducted PACE-labeled studies, but all data on its effectiveness has been spread across multiple studies. The work of the Loughborough University team tried to collect all the data and come to a larger conclusion. After compiling data from 14 separate studies, researchers were able to prove that the PACE label on food may be a more effective way to encourage people to make “healthier” dietary choices.

Labels are important in food consumption, and the team believes that wider use of PACE-style labels could result in a net reduction of 200 calories per person per day. This could eventually lead to a significant reduction in obesity-related health diseases and deaths.

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