Foreign media: Tesla to raise prices for Model 3 imported cars in China from January

December 12 (UPI) — Tesla plans to raise the price of model 3 imported cars in China from January, according tomedia reports. At present, it is not clear the price of the Model 3 imported car after the price adjustment.

Media: Tesla to raise prices for Model 3 imported cars in China from January

Tesla’s models will be priced up to include the dual-motor all-wheel drive long-range version and the Performance high-performance version. At present, the company’s official website shows that the prices of the two models are 4399 million yuan and 5099 million yuan, respectively.

Tesla’s move comes at a time when the Chinese-made Model 3 is about to begin delivery. Last month,media reported that the company planned to deliver the Chinese-made Model 3 to customers by January 25 next year.

The Chinese-made Model 3 will be produced at Tesla’s Shanghai-based plant, The Gigafactory 3. The plant is the company’s first manufacturing plant in China, the first electric car plant in China who llysise owned by a foreign carmaker, and the company’s third super-factory to be built around the world.

In January, Tesla’s Shanghai plant officially opened. In October,media reported that the plant had started trial production. In mid-November, the plant was officially licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, meaning the company could begin mass production of the Chinese-made Model 3.

The latest photos shared by Tesla owners this week show about 500 Model 3s occupying almost all of the parking spaces at the company’s Shanghai plant, suggesting the company has also produced a large number of Model 3s.

In the middle of last month,media reported that Tesla expects to produce about 174,000 Model 3s at its Shanghai plant by the end of the year. (Little Fox)

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