Jade Rabbit II into the longest working time of the lunar rover with the chang-3 record-breaking

Reporter 12 from China’s National Space Administration lunar exploration and space engineering center was informed that the “Jade Rabbit II” lunar rover became the longest-running lunar rover on the lunar surface, after the record was held by the former Soviet Union’s “Moon Rover 1”, 49 years has not been surpassed. According to reports, “Moon rover 1” is the world’s first unmanned lunar rover.

From a soft landing on the lunar surface on November 17, 1970, to the cessation of work on October 4, 1971, it conducted a 10-and-a-half-month tour of the lunar surface, operating for a cumulative period of 321 days, inspecting about 80,000 square meters of the moon surface and taking more than 20,000 photographs.

Jade Rabbit II into the longest working time of the lunar rover with the chang-3 record-breaking

Previously, the Jade Rabbit 2 lunar rover landed on the back of the moon on January 3, 2019 with the Chang’e-4 probe. Then the “Jade Rabbit II” lunar rover along the ramp slowly to the moon, the same day 22:22, “Jade Rabbit II” lunar rover successfully sailed onto the surface of the moon, leaving the first imprint of the human probe on the back of the moon. On December 3rd, at 21:42, the Jade Rabbit II lunar rover completed the moon night setting according to the ground instructions and entered the 12th night. Up to now, the “Jade Rabbit II” lunar rover has traveled a total of 345.059 meters.

“Jade Rabbit 2” lunar rover in the back of the moon to create a new record, the moon’s front of the Lander 3 was successfully awakened on December 7, opening a new journey of the 75th day, once again to refresh the new record for the survival of the lunar spacecraft.

The Chang’e-3 probe was launched into space by the Long March III B carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China on December 2, 2013, and successfully made a soft landing on the front of the moon on december 14, 2013. The probe is designed to last a year and is now in service. During the previous lunar day work, the Chang’e-3 probe obtained a large amount of scientific data, and the researchers have made a series of innovative scientific research results in the lunar surface geological structure, lunar-based astronomical observation, Earth plasma observation, etc.

This time, the “Jade Rabbit 2” lunar rover and the Chang’e-3 probe jointly broke the record, once again to boost China’s space morale. It is reported that China’s lunar exploration project is divided into “around, fall, back” three steps, currently through the successful implementation of the first, second, third, fourth and other tasks, China’s lunar exploration has successfully completed the “around” and “fall” two steps, the future of the fifth will be the implementation of the moon surface sampling return mission, complete the third step “back.”

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