SMIC to fix 7nm EUV photolithography machine? Officials say the report is false.

The progress of semiconductor technology has been a lot of attention, especially the gap in domestic semiconductor technology is still very large, every step is very difficult, every step is encouraging. Recently, South Korean media reported that the chairman of SMIC, the country’s largest foundry, said during a visit to South Korea, has with the Dutch photolithography giant ASML to solve the 7nm EUV ultra-UV lithography machine supply problems.

However, SMIC said in a statement that “Business Korea” and other South Korean media published reports “quoted” SMIC Chairman Dr. Zhou Zixue’s statement on the EUV when he attended the meeting in South Korea, such reports are contrary to the facts, is a fabrication.

SMIC stressed that Chairman Zhou Zixue only participated in this month’s “China-South Korea business leaders and former senior officials dialogue” internal meeting session, during which no media interviews, in the speech also never mentioned the EUV issue.

SMIC did not disclose further details on the specific progress of the EUV lithograph.

In the first half of last year,media reported that SMIC had ordered an EUV lithography machine from ASML. The $120 million unit is expected to be delivered in early 2019, but it was recently reported that ASML had stopped supplying EUV photolithography to SMIC, while ASML responded that it was not a stop but an extension, mainly in preparation for the government’s export application text work.

SMIC has remained silent on this incident, possibly involving trade cooperation secrets, inconvenient to public disclosure, we can only continue to look forward to.

The full text of SMIC’s statement is as follows –

SMIC’s statement that South Korean media were involved in false reports of EUV

Recently, Business Korea and other South Korean media published a report, “quoting” SMIC Chairman Dr. Zhou Zixue in South Korea to attend the meeting on the EUV (extreme ultraviolet lithography machine) issues. SMIC solemnly declares that such reports are contrary to the facts and are a fabrication. Chairman Zhou attended only this month’s “China-South Korea Business Leaders and Former Senior Officials Dialogue” internal meeting session, during which he did not give any media interviews, and never mentioned the EUV in his speech.

For the media and individuals who fabricate and disseminate the rumors, the Company strongly condemns them and reserves the right to resort to legal action.

Here in this statement.

SMIC Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

December 9, 2019

SMIC to fix 7nm EUV photolithography machine? Officials say the report is false.

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